Donetsk Regional General Scientific Library named after N.K. Krupska

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Historical Background

The Donetsk Regional General Scientific Library named after N.K. Krupska is one of the largest cultural centers of Donbass. It appears to be the regional repository of publications, interregional depository, scientific and information institution available for all the strata of population.

The library was founded in 1926 as the central city one. In 1932 the city was reformed into the regional center, and the library was reorganized from the city one into the regional library.

Construction of the special building for the library was started in 1935 according to the project of the architect E.L. Gomze. During the Second World War the building was damaged, the book collection was destroyed and plundered. In 1943, after liberation of Donbass, the library began to serve the readers, by morsels reconstructing and gathering anew its collection. In 1955 the work of rebuilding and renewal of the pre-war library building was over.

The following years became the years of real flourishing for the library. In 1966–1967 the library was reorganized from a public one into a scientific library. It became a scientific center for researchers, professionals, representatives of different nationalities, religions, professions, which fact is a guarantee of further development of all the nations living in the Donetsk region. About 1000 readers attend the library daily, taking over 1 million publications during the year.

In 1992 computerization of library processes was started. The basis of technical support of the automation system of the library is the local network including 48 personal computers. The processes of collecting, processing of publications, registration of readers and giving out of literature have already been automated.

As a scientific and methodic center the library forecasts the development of library science in the region, provides for practical assistance to other libraries, develops professional skills of librarians.

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