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Greeting of the Director of the Library

We are glad to greet you and to invite to get acquainted with the server of the Donetsk Regional General Scientific Library named after N.K. Krupska — the largest one in Donbass. Now the server is under construction, and we are ready to accept all your suggestions and commentaries as for its content.

The largest library of Donbas has glorious history.

Today it is a modern scientific and information institution, regional repository of publications (about 1 million 700 thousand issues), being available for all the strata of population of the region (about 1000 readers attend the library daily). Servicing of the readers of the library is held with the help of new information technologies. The library, the first among the other regional ones, was connected up to the Internet (off-line/ on-line) due to financial support of the International Foundations "Renaissance" and "Eurasia" of the Agency of international development of the USA (USAID).

The majority of information and library processes, servicing of the readers, collecting, processing of literature go on in automation regime. There is a local computer network in the library, which includes 53 computers. Internet access is available through 12 working places for the readers.

The library has a special center of access to the Internet resources (Internet Access and Training Program), created on the initiative of IREX, the information center "Window on America". The information portal of Donechchyna is under construction. It contains information about our region. The library is a coordinating organ of creation of electronic combined catalogue of the libraries of the region.

Cooperation with numerous organizations and private persons in different countries of the world allows our library to organize book exchange and to receive literature as donations. We would like to invite you to cooperate with our library, to take part in book exchange or make donations to our collection. We'll be glad if you participate in our seminars, scientific and practical conferences and other events, assist us in usage of new information technologies and in perfection of qualification of our staff. All your suggestions will be regarded in time and very attentively.

We wish you having a good time and finding much useful information on our server. We are sure — life is a real wonder, and will bring you joy, which we heartily wish you to experience.

Director of the Library,
Honored worker of culture of Ukraine                  Lyudmyla Novakova

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